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Metalux® 2K HS Filler Primer Toner is a premium, high solids 2K designed for car refinishing and new body work.  This diversified system consists of 6 factory pack colored toners that can be used singularly or in combination with each other using simple mixing formulas.  The 9341 – 9346 primer toners are great for matching under hood colors, interior colors and offer added durability when integrated with Metalux® clears.  This product is packaged in liter cans and available in 6 rich colors--white, black, yellow, blue, green and red. 

The product features high build, excellent sandability, good color holdout and adheres to various substrates. These multi-use primer toners offer great savings with their versatility to be used as either a primer filler or a sealer which equates to less inventory costs for distributors and shops. The shops will love the great hiding characteristics offering direct savings on material costs.  These Metalux® primer toners are a part of the wide array of ChemSpec USA branded products. 

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